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Our Clients Share Their Experiences

"Doesn't everyone look into a mirror during the day? Normal thing to do. Well, of course, I do. When I did, several years ago, I cried when I looked at my face. A chin and upper lip filled with ugly black stubble. What was I to do? I actually covered my lips with my hand to hide my shame. And then, a miracle entered my life. That wonderful miracle was Helen Fishbein.

I will be 72 years old. My statistics are - 4'10" tall, 145 pounds. I have a wonderful part-time job with an audiologist and have renewed self-confidence I lost years ago because of Helen Fishbein. Why, you ask. My face, is my answer. After discovering Helen Fishbein, the mirror became my friend. My hand no longer covers my mouth because I have no shame. Helen took care of all that.

Helen Fishbein not only helped me and I will never, never forget her kindness, patience and skill, but she has done all this and more for all of her clientele. Helen is a devoted, sincere woman who cares about everyone. No one leaves her office without a smile on their face after seeing the remarkable work she has done.

In short, the world is a better place to be with Helen Fishbein in it. I always tell Helen whenever I touch my face I think of her. She gave me back confidence, happiness and a feeling of pride. Thanks Helen."

-Lois Leff

"I have been seeing Helen for over ten years. I appreciate the professional and painless manner of her work and always enjoy the time we spend together on each visit."

-Michael B.

"I depend upon Helen and her services to keep me looking young and facial-hair free! I don't know what I'd do without her."