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Electrolysis: Questions and Answers About
Permanent Hair Removal for Men and Women

ELECTROLYSIS IS THE ONLY MEANS OF PERMANENTLY REMOVING UNWANTED HAIR. If you are currently tweezing or waxing your hair, you are further aggravating the problem of unwanted hair. Tweezing or waxing hair stimulates the blood supply that feeds the root of the hair, thus making the hair stronger and more coarse. Waxing, which is just massive tweezing, may also cause the problem of broken and ingrown hairs beneath the skin.

Q. Why should I have electrolysis done?
A. Electrolysis is the ONLY means of permanently removing your unwanted hair.

Q. How does the process of electrolysis work?
A. A tiny filament is inserted into the pore, and a measured amount of heat from the electrolysis machine is applied to the hair's root. The machine operates on radio waves. The hair is then gently LIFTED out. Each hair is done individually, so that each hair is correctly epilated.

Q. Is electrolysis permanent the first time?
A. The word permanent is NOT synonymous with immediate. You will not see overnight results. In order for electrolysis to work properly, you must have an experienced technician whose filament insertions are accurate. As the hair is treated, it will become weaker, thinner, and finer with each treatment, until breakdown is apparent, and you achieve permanency.

Q. Does electrolysis hurt?
A. You will not feel the filament insertion. You will not feel anything until the heat is transferred from the electrolysis machine through the filament and into the root where the hair is nourished. Everyone responds differently, and each area on the body is of a different sensitivity level. It is important to know that the more heat that is used, the quicker the hair will weaken and not regrow. The most important factor, however, is the condition of your skin. It is sometimes necessary to do a few more treatments if the skin cannot tolerate a stronger amount of heat.

Q. Does electrolysis scar the skin?
A. When the technician is skilled at what she does, and the filament insertions are accurate, a safe treatment with no permanent after effects is almost always assured. When done properly, the filament is inserted into an already open pore in the skin. Some initial redness or puffiness may occur for a couple of hours following treatment, but this is nothing to be alarmed about. It is just a reaction to the heat from the machine. There may also be some break-out in the form of whiteheads, or small pinlike scabs. Ice after treatment and some calamine lotion are the best remedies for any problems. Make-up and tanning should be avoided for 24 hours after a treatment.

Q. How often should I have a treatment?
A. You should try to be consistent with your treatments. If you allow large gaps between appointments, you will only delay permanent results. Hair growth cycles are generally 3 or 4 weeks. This is the time it takes for a hair to grow from the root to the surface of the skin. You may be on different cycles of growth depending upon whether you have been waxing or tweezing often.

Q. Is electrolysis costly?
A. Electrolysis should not be judged by cost. You are making an investment in yourself; one that will not depreciate in the years to come. Also, temporary removal methods must be repeated more often, and their cost far exceeds the cost of electrolysis.

One of Our Electrolysis Rooms
One of Our Electrolysis Rooms

If the above questions are not answered to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to discuss the procedure with you. Having practiced in the field of electrolysis since 1982, I know that I can work together with you to make you look and feel great about yourself.

Yours in health,
Helen Fishbein, Certified Electrologist and Esthetician